IEEE International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing
6–8 June 2022 // Virtual Conference

Workshop: Intelligent data networks

Tuesday, June 7


13:00-14:00 Workshop: Intelligence Data Networks

Moderator: Zhi Liu (University of Electro-Communications, Japan)

Note: 15 minutes for each speaker including 12 minutes for presentation, 2 for question, and 1 for turnaround between speakers


Paper 1: A Priority-Based Online Container Placement Strategy for 5G MEC Cloud Enabled Smart Grid

Peizhe Xin (State Grid Economic and Technological Research Institute Co., Ltd., China); Jing Jiang (State Grid Corporation of China, State Power Economic Research Institute, China); Yi Zhang (State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Company Information Telecommunication Branch, China); Yudong Wang (State Grid Economic and Technological Research Institute CO., LTD, China)


Paper 2: Fuzzing Seed Filtering Based on Generative Adversarial Networks Model

Zhijuan Liu, Li Zhang and Xuangou Wu (Anhui University of Technology, China); Wei Zhao (Anhui University of Technology (Xiushan), China & Anhui Engineering Laboratory for Intelligent Applications and Security of Industrial Internet, China)


Paper 3: Graph Convolution Union Computing Based Critical Nodes Identification in Temporal Networks

Chuan-hua Zhou, Li-chun Cao, Wei Zhao, Zi-han Zhou, Tai-jiao Ren and Lan Luo (Anhui University of Technology, China)


Paper 4: An QUIC Traffic Anomaly Detection Model Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition

Gang Lei, Junyi Wu, Lejun Ji, Keyang Gu and Yuanlong Cao (Jiangxi Normal University, China); Xun Shao (Kitami Institute of Technology, Japan)